Having finished with cosmetics, Katka in thongs and in a topic through which excited nipples shone through, came out of the bathroom, straightening her hair, which was still slightly damp and curling over her shoulders. I walked along the corridor, entered the room, and froze for a couple of seconds in surprise.

In the middle of the room stood Vova, in which the mother gave birth, with her arms slightly apart, in a greeting gesture. A faint grin played on his face, and it was all a bit unusual. He was very well built, fit and strong, his chest muscles and chiseled press made his body sexy and attractive.

- I do not insist on anything. Do not think that I am hurrying you, - he laughed complacently, examining Katkina's expression on his face.

She made up as he wanted, as vulgar as possible. The lips were bright red from the lipstick, big dark eyes with long eyelashes, seemed even more, well standing out because of the black mascara and shadows. Makeup made her features expressive, extending her cheekbones. On her neck was already seen so ordinary black leather collar with a shiny ring for a leash.

- On the one hand, you look like a slut who puts himself on display, - Vova approached Katka a bit from the side, his cock began to rise, - on the other hand, it all looks quite nice. And do these cute girls really fuck too? And do not play with them in the dolls, for example?

One of his hands had already penetrated Katka under a T-shirt, his chest, and the other in a businesslike manner, lay down on his rounded buttock, penetrating under the elastic of his pants to the crotch.

- Fuck! And how! - half a whisper and somehow innocently answered Katka. Her features softened instantly. She reached out to kiss him - and, play ... also ... like with dolls, - added Katka, a second before their lips merged in a hot choking kiss.

Vova attracted her to her. In one motion, he lowered Katkina's thongs to her knees, pawing her protruding ass. Assertively, coarsely squeezing her elastic buttocks, brazenly fingering her anal and cunt. Slapped her on the wriggling ass, savoring.

Katka, with an imperceptible movement, caught his dangling member, starting to skillfully nadrachivat. Cooking it for yourself, feeling like a member hardens with every second and pours strength. The same merciless member that she today will idolize and humor, in front of which she will cringe, and who will do whatever he wants.

- Take off your shirt, bitch! - in a quiet voice ordered her Vova.

And that was what she most wanted. These strict, peremptory male orders that must be obeyed and hurry to perform. Under which, her soul went to the heels. Making it so small, pliable and not decisive.

She took off her shirt, exposing her protruding small chest, and Vova, having intercepted the shirt, threw her aside. Thongs, too, had already moved down from their knees and fell to the floor, leaving Katka completely naked.

Vova took her hair, gathered them in a tight tail, pulled back a little. He brought three fingers to Katka’s lips, which she, having pulled back a little and took in her mouth, began to suck diligently, closing her eyes. Without ceasing to jerk off to him a member, squeezing him with gentle fingers.

“Silly nipple,” Vova pointedly observed with undisguised interest how Katka sucks his fingers, “I’ll take care of you today.”

She stood completely naked stretched out along the chin, slightly leaning forward. Heart pounding in anticipation of further. I sucked my fingers as carefully and gently as I could, tightly wrapped their lips. I felt that they were looking at her.

Vova pulled her hair down, and she quickly knelt, showing submissiveness, ready to do everything that was required of her. Her face was right in front of a dangling member, so attractive and desirable.

- Hands behind your back, rubbish, - Vova indulgently patted her cheek, continuing to hold tightly to her hair.

She was on her knees, arched, legs spread wide, looking at him with wide eyes from bottom to top. Chest stood forward, bare ass stuttered. And after a moment, catching the approaching dick with her lips, Katka began to suck on him greedily, trying to swallow herself as deeply as possible. Putting his fucking mouth on him and caressing his dick over the entire length, smacking and savoring. Holding hands behind his back, as she said.

“This week you acted badly, didn’t try, was naughty, I didn’t like it,” Vova slowly said this, continuing to hold Katka by her hair and controlling the diligent movements of her head, which immediately sped up.

She felt that now the verdict would be read to her, a sharp arrow of fear and anticipation passed to the lower abdomen and there she poured heat and languor, forcing her ass several times. And so that she no longer does, nothing can alleviate her fate. This inevitability was incredibly exciting and exciting. And she continued to suck dick so skillfully and diligently, as if he were the last in her life.

“You were a bad girl, and bad girls are punished.” They are tied to a bed and pranked with a belt over a bare ass until they begin to squeal and whine like the last bitches, asking for mercy ... They are not spared or listen to their squeals.

Katka has everything inside squeezed. And the more she wanted to be used, tortured and fucked as her master needed. So that she does not control anything, but only feel next to the one who will morally destroy her.

“And you deserved it so that you would be fought like a schoolgirl who got a deuce.” It will teach you to understand everything from a half-word and be obedient, spreading your legs at the click of your fingers, substituting holes. Get up!

Katka rose to her feet, licking her lips. And Vova took her hand and led her to the bed. He sat down, pushing his leg back and, pulling the naughty Katka towards him, easily laid her across his leg, to the top with his ass. There was already a belt prepared for her on the bed.

Ottopyrenny ass was beautiful and rounded, with elastic skin. The mocking anus was not protected by anything in the perineum, peeking between the butt apart. Katka Vova has not been kicked in the ass for the first time, and she was well aware that the pain would be quite portable and adequate. She also understood very well that this ass is going to be fucked today, so Katka wanted everything to look as effective as possible.

Vova firmly holding Katka by the waist, so that she could not twitch, took the belt, swung and struck Katka on the ass for the first time. Stretched, Katka clung to the blanket, clenching it with her fists, and moaned softly. Behind the first blow was the second, the third ... Katka moaned more and more, bent over Vova’s leg and firmly held by his strong arms. On her ass, with each blow, there were red stripes. Nobody considered her, nobody asked her about anything, her body was simply used as they wanted in the most explicit way possible. And she was very happy about it, revealing. She, internally, always wanted to be forced, beaten on the ass, spoke harsh words, fucked hard and used not the limit of possibilities. And so it happened, her violence was very exciting.

“Get a slut,” once again, the belt struck Katka in the ass with a sweep.

“Ayaaaaaaaa,” she moaned once again, her legs instinctively twitching, trying to bend down.

“You'll know next time,” the belt again hit her hard on the pope. Then hit again and again ...

“Aaaaa, I will be an obedient girl, aaaa,” tears came out of Katka’s eyes, and she fidgeted on Vovan’s leg while continuing to squeeze the blanket with her hands, whimpering plaintively.

- On, get more! Do not pretend! - Vova stripped her belt on the ass, walking with a shake in front of him. And from it from it all the member more strongly arose.

Spanking Katka gave him pleasure.

- Aaaaaa, I will always do, it is not necessary! - Katka’s writhing ass was already burning, but everyone continued and smacked her, not listening, - I am yours and only yours!

- Here's another bitch! - belt with a ringing ..
click backhand struck again, already thirtieth times.

Katka was already sick, but she endured and felt, along with pain, an extraordinary emotional pleasure that arises when you recognize unconditional power over yourself.

The belt hit a few more times and the furious whipping of Katkina's ass stopped.

- Next time you'll count blows, got it? - Vova turned to Katka, who was whimpering and whimpering.

“Yeah, I get it,” she replied in a crying voice, staying on her stomach.

- And you will shout, shut up your mouth in shorts.

Vova, putting the belt aside, began to gently paw Katkin's hot buttocks, stroking and gently pushing them apart. Running his fingers on her defenseless anal and wet pussy, who were in front of him in his very shameless form.

- Now you will be sweet and obedient, will do everything that you say.

- Yes, I will do everything! - Katka whispered, she had already almost forgotten about the recent torture and was already bending with might and main, slinging her hot holes over Vovan’s fingers, wagging her protruding ass along the way - do whatever you want with me ...

Unceremonious whipping with a belt aroused her more than any foreplay.

And now four greased fingers Vova penetrated her anal, fucking and stretching it to the utmost width. Pulling him to the limit. Katka, bent over Vova’s leg, caving in, put it on herself, feeling his fingers between the buttocks and inside. Anticipating that they will soon begin to insert dick into her.

“This is better, slut,” Vovan encouraged her. - You need to develop a better before fucking.

Katkina ass, with the remaining red stripes from the belt, went from side to side, asking for it, right in front of Vovan. Fingers entered it already absolutely freely and on the big depth, all increasing speed.

Her breathing quickened, she crawled her stomach, wriggling, clutching at the blanket. Sounds of lust came off her lips. They were pawing her for the most intimate places, they put her fingers into her cute ass, and she would not mind if other holes were tightly filled with her. And if the audience watched this ... mmm ... Here Katka shuddered from misting pleasure.

And Vova had already decided for himself that he would pull it out with a belt today again after sex. Maybe immediately, and maybe in the evening, he saw how she was dragged from brute physical strength.

A couple of minutes later, he slapped Katka on the ass and ordered her to stand with cancer, knees apart on the floor, breast on the bed. She put her hands on her ass, pushing her buttocks apart, as she had done more than once. The bend of her body looked very seductive, and her hair was spread over her shoulders, and Vova, who was attached to her back, did not tighten.

Carefully he inserted a member into a supple anal, firmly took Katka by the hair, pulled on himself, and tightly pressed his other hand to her mouth. Katkina's head sank back a little while doing this.

The member slid easily overcoming the slight resistance of already stretched flesh. I came more and more deeply, fitted on all sides by Katkin anus.

Katka slightly groaned through her tightly closed mouth, her heated breath escaping through her nostrils. She spread her buttocks even harder, her fingers pressed into their skin.

She was fucked in the ass by a strong male, who was allowed everything and from which she flowed without ceasing. Feeling obedient and necessary litter to satisfy his lust. She did everything to please him, and this circumstance gave no less pleasure to herself.

Katkin anal is well-lubricated and easily let the dick into full depth, which went like a slippery piston with the sound of wet copulation.

“A great fucked up of you has gone out of you, perhaps I’ll continue to smack you with a belt tonight,” Vova was approaching orgasm and aggressive testosterone going through the roof made itself felt.

Katka herself sat on the penis, slightly podmahivaya. Ruthlessly fucked in the ass and she liked it. And when she heard about another upcoming spanking, she almost came. Her breasts rubbed on the bed with each movement of the member entering it, her body was strained, and her smooth back was arched.

Enters, exits, enters, exits ...

Katka felt the fuck of the dick well. Her frank posture caused her delight.

The orgasm at Vova was already coming up and he fleetingly wondered where to finish it. Katka sucked well, but in his mouth he finished her last time. Then the member shot well, after which Katka sucked on it for another couple of minutes, excitedly filling it with sperm licking it.

- Get up, - he took out a member of her wet ass and pulled her hair to a low coffee table.

And she was on all fours, quickly, with the grace of a cat, crawled in the right direction. Her excited face was a little flushed.

Vova sat down beside her, putting her hand on the penis. Katka, without losing a minute, began to jerk him off, until the sperm began to pour out onto the glass plane of the table, splashing.

After waiting a bit until everything was over, and having experienced a sharp peak of ecstasy, Vova tilted Katka by the hair to the table, forcing her to lift her ass to the ceiling. And Katka, having already understood what was required of her, began to diligently lick the surface, bending her hands with her arms bent at the elbows.

But this did not seem enough to Vovan, continuing to pull her hair, he pulled her lower, wiping the table with her face. She continued to lick very hard, swallowing drops. The scent of sperm surrounded her and was clearly felt in and around the mouth.

“All lick the hawesoska, don't leave anything,” he encouraged her.

And she licked, making it as sexy as possible and slowly, until she cleared the entire table with her tongue.

After that, she began to fuck her, who swung in front of her face. She got on her knees, with her hands behind her back, as in the beginning, and tightly clasping the member with her lips, began to suck him and lick him from all sides. A member of Vova dangled, beat her on the face, but she fiercely persisted again, caught him with his lips and continued to suck diligently. While he did not shine from its moisture.

When it was all over, they went to the bathroom, having taken a shower together, Katkina's chest still continued to heave rapidly from what she had experienced, her eyes were burning with unusual fire. Vova helped her to wash, gently hugging and polopaya.

- Did you like being a bad girl? - he asked, he asked her in his ear.

She averted her eyes, looked embarrassed a little, but rather thought that she needed to answer, then looked at him:

- I like it better, it excites ...

- The next time I finish you in the ass, put on his haunches, and wait until everything merges in a saucer. First, you will suck dick until everything runs off, and then standing with cancer, lap up the sperm from the saucer like a dog on a leash.

“You really will do this to me,” her puzzled, quivering question mocked Vova. She clung to him, looking upwards.

“Sure,” he mocked her slightly with mockery. She was so soft and seductive. Is there anything in the world nicer bitches after hard sex.

- How will you do it? Rough? - She asked with a gasp and climbed timidly to kiss.

“And you cannot be in another way,” he continued to have fun.

- Let's Today? - her eyes sparkled again, and Katka had already reached for Vova's penis again.

- Not so fast baby, - Vova laughed, trying to remove her hand, - we just had ...

They went to the kitchen and drank tea, and after an hour dived again into bed. Today it was decided not to go outside, but to spend the whole day at home, doing pleasant things.

Vova embraced naked Katka, his hands slid along her flexible angular body, caressing her between her legs.

“I’ve been a bad girl today, now you’re a good girl,” he smiled again, he liked this pun.

- And how do they differ? - Hotly asked Katka half whisper.

- Bad girls are forced, and good girls do everything at the click of their fingers.

- Yeah-hh? - Katka stretched out amusingly, - they are not too different, it turns out ...

However, after a few seconds, she slipped out of Vova’s embrace, disappeared under a blanket, and from there came the characteristic smacking of sounds from a member entering her mouth. A little later, Vovan threw back the blanket, pulled Katka out, and knocked her back onto the pillows. And covering her from above with his body, he powerfully entered her vagina.

PS from the author: This story is a free continuation of my other stories "I love to be dependent" and "Make me worse"